6 Best Leather Cases for Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra (2024)

Although Titanium is a welcome upgrade over Aluminium on the Galaxy S24 Ultra, it’s still prone to scratches and accidental damage. So roaming around with a naked Galaxy S24 Ultra may not be a good idea at all. Plus, your latest purchase deserves a leather case that compliments its premium boxy design and in-hand feel. Let’s check out the best leather cases for Galaxy S24 Ultra.

6 Best Leather Cases for Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra (1)

There is no shortage of leather cases for Galaxy S24 Ultra. However, picking one based on your preferences can still be confusing. Allow us to help you with your buying decision.

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1. Rome Tech Magnetic Leather Case for Galaxy S24 Ultra

6 Best Leather Cases for Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra (2)

Rome Tech offers one of the most affordable leather cases for Galaxy S24 Ultra. However, don’t be swayed by this affordable price tag. It is packed with ample protection, features like wireless charging and more.

The leather case from Rome Tech strikes the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. It looks luxurious and is compatible with wireless chargers as well. The magnetic ring on the back lets you use your existing MagSafe accessories like a wallet, stand, and more. The leather ages well with time and creates a satisfying patina that’s unique to you.

Rome Tech’s leather case is available in three color options — Elegant Tan, Midnight Black and Royal Blue. These colors perfectly complement the titanium build on Galaxy S24 Ultra. While most user reviews are positive on this one, many faced issues with magnetic ring coming off during usage.

What We Like

  • MagSafe compatible
  • Color options
  • Grips on the sides

What We Don’t Like

  • Magnetic ring comes off for some users

2. Lohasic Leather Case for Galaxy S24 Ultra

6 Best Leather Cases for Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra (3)

Lohasic leather case is another affordable option for your Samsung flagship. It is made of PU leather and carries TPU frames to deliver complete protection. The case is another no-brainer for budget-conscious buyers.

Lohasic’s leather case checks all the boxes. It offers an elegant look, excellent grip, soft edges to protect corners, and unique texture. Thanks to raised bezels, it also ensures enough protection around the camera and display.

Even with a rich leather material, the case is slim enough to ensure full compatibility with Qi wireless chargers. Buyers have left positive reviews regarding the classic look. However, some faced problems accessing the side buttons due to uneven fit.

What We Like

  • Classic look
  • Premium feel

What We Don’t Like

  • Issues with accessing device buttons

3. Rumwot Full-Grain Leather Case

6 Best Leather Cases for Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra (4)

Rumwot uses full-grain leather, which is much better and longer-lasting than cheap genuine leather cases out there. The complete leather look with metallic buttons easily justifies the high asking price.

Unlike Lohasic and Rome Tech, which use TPU material on the sides, Rumwot offers a complete leather look for your Galaxy S24 Ultra. It looks and feels more premium than its rivals. The full-grain leather should age with time to develop a unique patina.

The company has managed to carry a slim profile, and it remains compatible with wireless charging. The MagSafe support is also in check due to built-in magnets. You can easily connect wallets, battery packs, chargers and car mounts to your device. The case is available in several color options to choose from.

What We Like

  • MagSafe compatibility
  • Premium looks
  • Metalic buttons

What We Don’t Like

  • None

4. Bellroy Leather Case for Galaxy S24 Ultra

6 Best Leather Cases for Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra (5)

Bellroy is a part of the ‘Designed for Samsung program’ and offers high-quality leather cases for flagship Samsung devices, including the Galaxy S24 Ultra. Like Rumwot, it offers a full leather look in better shades.

Bellroy leather cases are designed as part of Samsung’s partnership program. Meaning the company has access to precise device dimensions directly from the company. You can expect an astute fit and finish for your Galaxy S24 Ultra.

The case is made from eco-tanned leather with soft microfiber lining, and the inserted aluminum buttons add a cherry on top. Thanks to a super slim profile, the Bellroy leather case works well with your existing wireless chargers, too. The case is available in three color options – Black, Everglade and Terracotta.

What We Like

  • Luxurious look and feel
  • Aluminum buttons
  • Wireless charging support

What We Don’t Like

  • Not compatible with MagSafe accessories

5. York Full Grain Leather Cover

6 Best Leather Cases for Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra (6)

Blackbrook’s York case is made of luxurious and durable full-grain leather. With sophisticated style and complete protection, it’s another ideal leather case for your Galaxy S24 Ultra.

While the company uses full-grain leather, it has traded the material with reinforced polycarbonate on the side frame to enhance impact resistance. Even with additional back padding, the case ensures a slim and ergonomic design for comfortable use and compatibility with wireless chargers.

Due to polycarbonate sides, the buttons are also made of plastic, which doesn’t feel as premium as Bellroy and Rumwot. You can pick one from four unique color options. Verified buyers have left positive reviews regarding its astute fit and good value for money.

What We Like

  • Excellent fit
  • Wireless charging
  • Color options

What We Don’t Like

  • Plastic sides look cheap

6. Mous Limitless 5.0 Leather Cover for Galaxy S24 Ultra

6 Best Leather Cases for Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra (7)

Mous is known for offering high-quality accessories for flagship devices. The company’s Limitless 5.0 series is no different, and it’s available for Samsung’s latest flagship, too. Let’s check it out.

Thanks to the built-in N45 magnet array, the Limitless 5.0 leather case is compatible with a range of MagSafe accessories and wireless charging. The case offers 360-degree protection with the company’s AiroShock defensive tech to handle shocks and vibration like a pro.

The built-in microfibre lining keeps your phone scratch-free and pristine for years. If you aren’t a fan of leather backs, you have a range of stylish backplates available, too. Although the pricing is higher, the company justifies it by offering a high-quality case with complete protection.

What We Like

  • Range of backplates to choose from
  • Built-in magnets
  • Excellent protection

What We Don’t Like

  • Price

Add a Premium Touch to Galaxy S24 Ultra

Bellroy and Mous offer two of the best leather cases for Galaxy S24 Ultra. If we had to pick one, we would go with Bellroy for its full leather design and color shades. If you are on a tight budget, pick one from Lohasic or Rome Tech. So, which leather case did you pick from the list? Share your preference in the comments below.

6 Best Leather Cases for Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra (2024)
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