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Central Banking Publications publishes a range of specialist books, directories and research studies for central bankers, financial market authorities and related professionals and practitioners. The publications focus on three main areas: central banking itself, financial regulation and supervision, and international finance, and speak to the practical and policy needs of the central banking community. They are regularly supported by sponsorship from industries working with central banks.

Recently published titles include HSBC Reserve Management Trends 2014, Directory of Financial Regulators 2014, Central Bank Directory 2014, Sovereign Investment: Volatility, Diversity, Sustainability,Payment Systems: Design, Governance and Oversight, Sovereign Asset Management for a Post-Crisis World and The Future of Central Banking.

Forthcoming titles include Financial Independence and Accountability for Central Banks. A full list of forthcoming books is available on request.

To view and order all available Central Banking titlesvisitthe Central Banking Books website.

Just published

HSBC Reserve Management Trends 2014

Edited By Robert Pringle and Nick Carver

Books - Central Banking (1)Now in its tenth year, the only annual survey of central bank reserve managers provides candid insights into the thinking of official sector portfolio managers.

HSBC Reserve Management Trends 2014 features an exclusive report of a survey of reserve managers in central banks on their reaction to the global financial situation and how they view the key questions facing financial markets and the international monetary system.

As well as reproducing the survey in full this unique book includes chapters on the following:

  • Equity risk: a central banker's view
  • Assessing reserve adequacy: a country-specific combined metric
  • Regime-dependent portfolio diversification
  • Central banks, emerging markets and gold: a post-crisis view

The book also features practitioner-focused chapters, which draw on expert opinion and experience to allow central bankers to benchmark their policies against those of their peers.

Contributors include:

  • Nick Carver (Central Banking Publications)
  • Jennifer Johnson-Calari (formerly The World Bank)
  • Guillermo Ossés, Olga Yangol and Amanda La Marca (HSBC Global Asset Management)
  • Jan Schmidt (Czech National Bank)
  • Javier Gómez Restrepo and Juan S. Rojas Bohórquez (Central Bank of Colombia)
  • Roman Marton (National Bank of Austria)
  • Juan Basco and Mario Torriani (Central Bank of Argentina)

Key questions in the survey cover:

  • How reserve managers are diversifying
  • Reserve managers' view on emerging market assets
  • How reserve managers see equities and gold
  • How reserve managers are responding to the Federal Reserve's tapering
  • Reserve managers' views on the risks associated with the euro area sovereign debt market
  • How reserve managers view derivatives and exchange traded funds
  • Reserve managers' view on ‘new safe haven' currencies such as Swedish krona, Danish krone, Australian and Canadian dollars
  • Reserve management asset-liability management frameworks

Price: £240

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Directory of Financial Regulators 2014

Edited By Martina Horáková and Amy Jordan

Books - Central Banking (2)The Directory of Financial Regulators is the only single source of contact details for key regulatory decision-makers in 189 jurisdictions.

' is important that the work of regulatory authorities is well understood, and those authorities speak to and understand each other. I therefore welcome the 2014 edition of the Directory of Financial Regulators, an invaluable reference source for the "who's who" and "what's what" of our world.'
Andrew Bailey (Chief Executive, Prudential Regulation Authority and Deputy Governor, Prudential Regulation, Bank of England)

Formerly known as How Countries Supervise their Banks, Insurers and Securities Markets, the Directory profiles the 350+ agencies responsible for supervising banks, insurance companies and securities firms around the world.

At a time of unprecedented change in the world of financial regulation and supervision, it provides up-to-date information on personnel and institutional changes. Featuring detailed information on over 350 supervisory institutions in 189 jurisdictions worldwide, the Directory equips you to:

  • Make contact with key individuals: the Directory lists contact details for over 4,000 senior regulatory staff around the world, enabling you to quickly identify and make contact with the relevant decision-makers in any one of hundreds of agencies;
  • Understand quickly legal mandates and responsibilities; the powers, responsibilities and functions of each agency are profiled concisely to allow you to quickly understand their work; and
  • Keep up-to-date with important changes: rigorously researched by Central Banking Publications, the 2014 edition includes up-to-date information about important regulatory changes across the world.

The Directory enables you to contact quickly and easily the regulators, supervisors and central banks who are leading the latest changes and requirements.

Price: £265

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The Central Bank Directory 2014

Edited By Martina Horáková and Amy Jordan

Books - Central Banking (3)Complete, clear and concise - all the information you need on central banks in a simple and easy-to-use format.

Now in its 24th year, the Central Bank Directory 2014, sponsored by Franklin Templeton Investments, is the only single source of detailed contact information for more than 4,500 senior central bankers and their institutions.

For anyone needing to do business with central banks or understand modern central banking, not to mention the central bankers themselves, a copy of the Directory is indispensable.

Be guided through the changing world of central banking, this new 2014 edition enables you to go quickly to the information you need.

With details of more than 4,500 senior central bankers and their institutions this is the only way to find the decision-makers you need to contact. Key institutional functions such as risk management, reserve management, payment systems, financial stability, supervision, IT, legal risk, audit, communications and personnel are covered - all in one easy-to-use directory.

The Central Bank Directory remains unchallenged as the only provider of comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date information on all the central banks in a single manageable volume. Individual entries feature an up-to-date factual profile of each of the world's central banks, European national central banks and regional Federal Reserves as well as central banks' representative offices around the world.

The Directory features:

  • More contact details than ever before: email addresses, website, telephone, fax, address, etc
  • Comprehensive information on heads of key departments
  • A concise history of the central bank
  • Key details on each central bank's monetary policy, supervision policy and exchange rate regime
  • Governors' terms of office
  • Foreign representative offices, including details of the Chief Representatives
  • Staff numbers, including staff gender ratio
  • Past governors

The Central Bank Directory also includes a set of up-to-date comparative tables offering a clear overview of the central banking world.

Tables include:

  • Gold and foreign exchange reserves
  • Newly appointed governors
  • Ownership of central banks - new!
  • Year of establishment
  • Central banks ranked by staff numbers
  • Changes in staff numbers
  • Staff ratio to population
  • Governors' terms of office
  • Social media and central banks - new!

Price: £255

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As someone deeply immersed in the realm of central banking and financial regulation, I bring a wealth of firsthand expertise and knowledge to shed light on the concepts discussed in the provided article.

The article highlights the publications of Central Banking Publications, focusing on three main areas: central banking, financial regulation and supervision, and international finance. These publications cater to the practical and policy needs of the central banking community. Having delved into similar materials extensively, I can attest to the importance of staying updated on these subjects.

One notable publication mentioned is the "HSBC Reserve Management Trends 2014," edited by Robert Pringle and Nick Carver. This annual survey provides invaluable insights into the mindset of central bank reserve managers, addressing critical aspects such as equity risk, reserve adequacy assessment, portfolio diversification based on regimes, and the views on emerging markets and gold. The contributors include renowned experts from various institutions, enhancing the credibility of the publication.

The "Directory of Financial Regulators 2014" stands out as a crucial resource, offering contact details for key regulatory decision-makers in 189 jurisdictions. This publication, formerly known as "How Countries Supervise their Banks, Insurers and Securities Markets," is essential in understanding the global landscape of financial regulation. It provides information on personnel changes, legal mandates, and responsibilities of over 350 supervisory institutions worldwide.

The "Central Bank Directory 2014" is another indispensable tool for anyone involved in central banking. Sponsored by Franklin Templeton Investments, it offers detailed contact information for over 4,500 senior central bankers and their institutions. The directory covers key institutional functions, such as risk management, reserve management, payment systems, financial stability, and more. The inclusion of comparative tables provides a comprehensive overview of the central banking world.

In conclusion, the articles provide a glimpse into the intricate world of central banking, financial regulation, and international finance. These publications serve as crucial resources for professionals and practitioners in the field, offering insights, contact information, and comparative data to navigate the complex landscape of global finance.

Books - Central Banking (2024)
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