Cell Phone Necklace for the Elderly and Seniors (2024)

Cell Phone Necklace for the Elderly and Seniors (1)

Looking for a Phone Necklace for Elderly?

When you get older chances are high that you will drop your phone more often and also misplace it a few times a day (talking from my own parents experience).

This why Keebos Phone Necklace Holder is the perfect phone accessory for older people and seniors. It's really the best phone case for elderly.

For Emergencies it's Better to Have the Phone Around Your Neck

The Keebos crossbody phone case helps seniors keep their smartphone handy in case they need to contact a friend or family member in an emergency situation. For example, if someone were to fall, they'd have their phone right ontheir person, easily accessible. The Keebos case also has a 4-Bumper-Protection Technology, which keeps the phone evensafer if it should hit the ground. The neck lanyard of is made out of a soft but durable rope, soit feels super comfortable on your skin.

Here an amazing text message to our founder from a friend.

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Keebos Come with a Phone Neck Pouch to Store Cards and Cash

Not only does the Keebos crossbody cell phone case keep your phone close and safe, you can also keep cash and credit cards in the wallet on the back of the case. This meansGrandma can leave the house without bringing any extra bags or a purse. You could also store any important notes in the cell phone necklace pouch if necessary. The card wallet holds up to 6 standard cards. This phone lanyard for seniors is a real game-changer.

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The Neck Strap is Super Easily Adjustable

The Keebos cell phone necklace is easily adjustable to fit the height of each customer, and their preference for how to wear the case: as a necklace or as crossbody case. To adjust the size, just pull on the two straps, sort of like a friendship bracelet. This way the cell phone holder for elderly people works great for different body types and preferences.

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Cell Phone Necklace for the Elderly and Seniors (10)

The Finger Strap Makes it Easier to Hold the Smartphone

The finger strap on the back of the Keebos case isanother reason why this truly is a must-have cell-phone accessory for seniors. The elastic finger strap on back works like a pop socket. The loop makes it so much easier to hold your big smart phone in one hand, as seen in the photo above. You will love this cell phone neck pouch, it make Keebos the perfect senior citizen phone case.

Check out our 5-star reviews on our website and on Amazon. Even though it's a phone case for old people, it can also be used by people of any age. Our products are designed and assembled in Venice, California because quality is important to us. If you have any questions about the phone holder for seniours, please feel free to reach out anytime through our chat function or email us at hello@keebos.com

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Cell Phone Chain

Next to the soft colorful straps, there are newercell phone chain cases. The chains are detachable for when you don't want to hang your phone from your neck. This really depends on your preference. The phone chains are available in gold and onyx color. This will help youstop dropping and misplacing your phone every single day. These cell phone carrying case neck straps are our customers favorite! Our crossbody phone cases are really the best phone for a senior citizen. They love to stay handsfree in any situation and have their phones easily accessible.

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Shop all Keebos(Mobile Phone Holder for Elderly) HERE

Bonus: Check out our Sunglass Straps

If you are looking for other Cell phone accessories for seniors. Our sunglass / glass straps are the perfect accessory that will help seniors from misplacing, losing and dropping their glasses.

Update - For Those with Unique Phones and Old People Phones

If the person you want to buy a cell phone necklace for elderlyfor does not have an iPhone or Samsung phone, you can get them a universal one size fits all Keebos phone strap.We wanted to make sure that the cell phones for old person also works with our straps :) see picture below. This strap can be attached to any existing phone cases. It's adjustable and detachable.

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Hey Laurel, yes the all the phone button can be used while the phone is in the case, and as you mentioned there is an opening at the bottom of the case so you can also charge your phone. Please let me know if you have any other questions :) Thank you, Emily

can the phone be used without having to remove it from the pocket? i see that there is a charger opening, but can you access the other buttons while it is still in the case?

I also desperately need a pocket neck chain for my remote !!!! Please make one asap. Sister’s B’day is in 2 months, the other one’s in 4. However, the first one is for….. ME! LoL

does this also work for a flip phone from Nokia?

Does your case hold the Motorola G power phone. My mom is 89. I can’t find that information on your website and like your case.

Cell Phone Necklace for the Elderly and Seniors (2024)
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