Dan's Daily: Canucks Nixed Blockbuster, Panthers Persist, Penguins Luck (2024)

SAGINAW, Mich. —Igor Shesterkin could not deny the Florida Panthers in Game 4, though the New York Rangers goalie nearly stole a third straight game. Florida quickly claimed Game 4 in overtime. Those NHL trade rumors that bubbled around Vancouver Canucks star Elias Pettersson before he signed a whopper of a contract were true, and the Carolina Hurricanes were the team that nearly pulled off the blockbuster. Those details leaked out. We’re in Saginaw for the Memorial Cup and a first-hand look at the Penguins’ top forward prospect, Brayden Yager. The full scouting report will be published a bit later this morning. Dave Molinari also explained why the Penguins missing one of their draft picks is a big deal.

The people of Saginaw are incredibly friendly, like Minnesota-nice kind of friendly. And so when I’ve asked around what to do with my extra day here, the looks I get are pretty funny.

COVID destroyed the downtown area. There are buildings. There is a riverfront. There are no businesses left. I haven’t even been there yet because everyone gives me the same look and answer — “Oh, there might be a bar still there. I don’t know.”

It’s yet another downtown area that was crushed and has not recovered. I understand why people in this country remain angry, especially in the Rust Belt and downtown areas. Governments, landlords, and banks will need to start thinking differently to revive what they own or regulate. And we will need to get out of our seclusion mindset—you know, look up from our phones.

Pittsburgh Penguins

Pittsburgh Hockey Now: Bryan Rust, Jake Guentzel, Kris Letang, and more. The Penguins had very little success in the second round for most of 40 years, but when they had a third-round pick, they made the most of it. However, for the brief services of Dmitry Kulikov and trading Brock McGinn last year, the Penguins are, as of now, without one. And the Vancouver Canucks might de-Pittsburgh this summer. More in the Penguins notebook.

I knew it would get a reaction, but I also knew it was right. You have to read to know. There is one pending unrestricted free agent who should want to come back and with whom the Penguins could take a no-risk, big-reward swing. Here’s the much-debated Penguins free-agent possibility.

Just remember, read it all before you comment…

NHL Trade Talk, News & National Hockey Now

Vancouver Province: Both sides were a little rankled, and the NHL trade rumors sprung out of Vancouver that the Canucks could trade star center Elias Pettersson. Then, cooler heads prevailed, and he signed a massive eight-year contract. Ben Kuzma reports the trade with the Carolina Hurricanes for Martin Necas that almost happened. And now, Vancouver might go after Necas again.

Is there a team that hasn’t been mentioned as a possible Necas suitor? At this point, the field might be more crowded than a Republican primary.

Florida Hockey Now: Shesterkin is on his game. If New York wins the Cup, there won’t be a need for a vote; the Conn Smythe would be his immediately. He swiped a pair of games in the Eastern Conference Final and nearly stole a third straight until Sam Reinhart ripped a one-timer just over one minute into OT. The Florida Panthers tied the series.

A couple of other news items that were already reported became official last night. Don Wadell got a raise and is taking over the Columbus Blue Jackets as president of hockey operations/GM. Also, the Seattle Kraken officially announced Dan Bylsma as their next coach.

New Jersey Hockey Now: Hello, Sheldon Keefe. The coach revealed why he couldn’t pass up the New Jersey Devils coaching job.

An interesting little nugget from the press conference Tuesday: New Jersey interviewed a couple of coaches they knew were not ready for the job but wanted to size them up anyway. More from the Devils press conference.

Philly Hockey Now: Okay, this might get fun. Keefe gave a shoutout and tried to embrace the coming rivalry with John Tortorella and the Philadelphia Flyers.

Maybe it’s just my perception, but the Devils are everyone’s rival but no one’s top rival. The Penguins have Washington and Philly as boiling rivalries. New York has the Penguins and the Islanders at the top of the list. The Islanders have everyone at the top in a classic little brother syndrome. But who is the Devils’ hottest rivalry?

San Jose Hockey Now: It’s official. Will Smith (the hockey player, not the world’s only Jada Pinkett defender) left Boston College before his sophom*ore year and explained why he signed with the San Jose Sharks.

Dan's Daily: Canucks Nixed Blockbuster, Panthers Persist, Penguins Luck (2024)
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